Many of our team members here at Lighting BOSS are former contractors, so we understand the daily struggles of the Outdoor Living Professional.  A real pain point in the Growth process is that contractors have historically had to go through multiple outlets in order to cover all their Business Development needs.  We’ve simplified that process by creating the “one-stop-shop” you see below.  Technology, Marketing, Workflows, Profitability…we can help you make sense of it all & build a strategy based upon YOUR goals.  Click on the sections below or call us anytime at 729.565.0900 to learn more.

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Feedback From Our Clients

I’ve personally known Ryan Jaso for 9 years. I have witnessed first hand his passion for the outdoor lighting industry through his efforts as a distributor and now an application developer. He has worked tirelessly to bring Lighting Boss to lighting contractors and designers to simplify their everyday processes in the field. He’s made quite a mark on the landscape lighting industry with this unique mobile application.

Jimmy Kidd

Ryan is a good dude. He puts a lot of effort and passion into the trade, and it shows. The Lighting Boss software is next-level stuff for quick and easy lighting concept design and layout. Takeoffs are done automatically. Small jobs can be designed and closed in a single visit without compromising on quality. As we know, it’s often the first guy that shows up with numbers that gets the job. Be that guy. Be a Lighting Boss.

Andy Thomas

Ryan and the Lighting Boss team are the best of the best. Ryan makes an effort to be more than just your average distributor. He’s always looking for ways he can educate the lighting community on the newest products, pricing adjustments, etc. Whether you’re just beginning in the lighting world or a veteran, Ryan Jaso is a great resource and one that I rely on regularly.

Matt Carli