20 years ago in the landscape lighting world, if you wanted to turn on and off your landscape lights, your options were pretty limited. Nowadays, there has been a ton of technology to hit the market and here are our top 5 products we recommend: 

5. Astronomical & GPS Timers are a really reliable way to control your landscape lighting. 

4. Smart Sockets are a great option for clients with great Wi-Fi signals and allow you to control your landscape lighting from a simple app. Brilliance LED, Kichler and Illumicare all have great options available. 

3. The new Brilliance Relay is perfect for existing installations that have multiple transformers. With this product, you can control all the transformers from one app instead of individually. 

2. The new dimmer switch from FX Luminaire is a great product to use to easily dim certain areas of a property or its most popular usage, with low voltage bistro lighting. 

1. Zoning transformers like the Dauer Jarvis allow you to control the system via Wi-Fi through an app to not only be able to adjust on and off for the entire system, but be able to control areas on the property. For existing installations, the Brilliance LED Sector Selector is an ideal product add on that allows you to control up to four zones’s 

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